Paid Search

Pay-per-click (PPC) is an ever-evolving channel that provides you with much more flexibility and control over your visibility compared to Search Engine Optimisation.

The results are much faster but because of the nature of paid search advertising, certain industries can be very competitive.

Our team of AdWords Certified Professionals live and breathe PPC.

They understand that ROI is your most important metric when running any paid campaign and the attention your campaign receives will always reflect this.

The facts

We worked closely with the team at SimplyHair to help improve conversions to their site. The impact of our changes to their PPC strategy has been huge on the brand – with a 52% increase in revenue.

Read the full case study here.

Official Google Partners

We’re proud of our official Google Partner status that allows us to work effectively on Google AdWords, the largest and most popular search advertising platform.

Why PPC works

When we develop a PPC campaign, we’re targeting specific traffic to make it easier to find those users who will convert to customers.

As soon as we launch, you’ll start to see a difference to site visits. Don’t worry, we’ll be keeping a close eye on who these users are and what they do when they arrive to see whether we tweak our strategy.

Running a PPC campaign also gives you a valuable opportunity to assess your keywords. You’ll be able to test how effective they are and we can help highlight those we think could be better for your business.

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