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Kreston Reeves: A Real World SEO Case Study

It happens regularly; I get an email or visit a site and my SEO mind starts running away with me. Before you know it, I’m checking the backlink profile of the site before making the purchase I was actually there for originally.

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A day out in Brighton!

On Friday we were lucky enough to have the chance to head down to the South coast for the day to attend the much anticipated brightonSEO event. BrightonSEO is an annual conference with a multitude of huge sponsors – including Moz and PR Newswire – and an impressive list of […]

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The Impact of Server Location on Rankings

Why research server location?

As SEOs our job involves adding and changing things on your site to make it rank better. However, we also have to seek out the things behind the scenes that may be affecting your ranking, either in a positive or negative way […]

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