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Digital Marketing Strategy Plan: Where Do You Want To Be?

Following on from our previous instalment of this Digital Marketing Strategy Plan, ‘Where Are You Now’, we are moving on to the next step which involves setting realistic objectives for your business.

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Digital Marketing Strategy Plan: Where Are You Now?

This is the first instalment in our new Strategy series following on from our blog, ‘Digital Marketing Plan: Structure’ from a few weeks ago.

This instalment covers the first aspect of any marketing strategy – understanding where you are now. Without this initial situation analysis, it can be really difficult for a business to move to the next step of setting realistic objectives (which we will be covering the next blog in this series).

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Digital Marketing Strategy Plan: Structure

incIf you are a small business owner, it is highly likely that you use some form of digital marketing in the day-to-day marketing activities of your business. However, research from Smart Insights suggests that the majority of SMEs and start-ups have no strategy in place to get the most of online activities.

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