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Our Digital News & SEO Blog | DigitalBeans


Digital Marketing Strategy Plan: Structure

If you are a small business owner, it is highly likely that you use some form of digital marketing in the day-to-day marketing activities of your business. However, research from Smart Insights suggests that the majority of SMEs and start-ups have no strategy in place to get the most of online activities.

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The Key Differences Between Digital PR & SEO

It’s common knowledge that SEO is a fast-paced industry. Updates are implemented on a highly regular basis, meaning that businesses have to continuously work on their strategies in order to reflect these changes and maintain a site which performs as well as possible.

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Why You Should Attend Industry Events

Attending events – whether it’s a conference, a seminar, a huge awards ceremony, or anything else – is a genuinely great way of keeping in touch with the industry in which you are involved.
There is a variety of reasons as to why events are so effective. You may […]

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Our SEO Tools & Why We Love Them

We’ve decided to share some of our best kept secrets from behind the closed doors of DigitalBeans, in the form of our favourite SEO tools. Enjoy!

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Kreston Reeves: A Real World SEO Case Study

It happens regularly; I get an email or visit a site and my SEO mind starts running away with me. Before you know it, I’m checking the backlink profile of the site before making the purchase I was actually there for originally.

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